Conserve & Protect

Conservation of Cultural/Archaeological Assets Under Iczm Project

Under the Integrated Coastal zone Management Project (ICZMP), seven monuments having archaeological, architectural, sculptural and historical importance have been identified for conservation and improvement.

Six monuments namely Ganjam Fort, Ganjam, Bhabakundalesvara Temple, Manikpatna, Dist. Puri, Harachandi Temple, Baliharachandi, Puri, Batesvara Temple, Kantiagada, Ganjam, Hariharadeva Temple, Nairi, Dist. Khurda and British Cemetry, Ganjam are situated in the coastal stretch of Gopalpur to Chilka and one monument namely Jagannatha Temple, Pentha, Kendrapara is situated in the coastal stretch of Paradeep to Dhamra.

The objectives are to conserve and protect the built heritage of coastal area by undertaking structural conservation, chemical conservation, Landscaping and illumination of the monuments and to create awareness among the people for Preservation of our built heritage and to promote Heritage Tourism in the Coastal area of the State as well.

Conservation of these monuments is under progress. Besides, forty days Capacity building work shop for traditional stone masons have been organized.