About Us

State Archaeology functioned separately from 1965. The main activities of State Archaeology are survey and exploration of monuments, archaeological sites, protection and conservation of monuments having local and State importance, excavation of archaeological sites and publication on it’s different activities. So far 218 monuments have been accorded protection as per the Odisha Ancient Monuments Preservation Act of 1956.

Regarding excavation projects, earlier, excavation work of archaeological and historical sites such as Kuruma, Bankada, Brahmavana, Raibania Fort, Khurdha gada, Sankarjang and Golbai were carried out. In recent past excavation at Biratagada, Kichakagada, Belasaragarh and Maraguda were also done by this Department. Earlier survey and exploration of river valleys such as Prachi, Daya, Bhargavi, Kushabhadra and Chitrotpala were completed. Presently it is proposed to undertake survey of monuments district wise in the State.

There are eight sculpture sheds housing sculptures found from archaeological operation, maintained by State Archaeology at Ayodhya, Kaupur, Sukleswar, Tirtha Matha, Niali, Kundesvara, Vishnupur and Boudh Town.

So far two publications have been brought out by this Department. These are one Prachi valley survey Report and Annual Archaeological Survey Report, Vol-I. It is proposed to publish a “Directory of Protected Monuments” in near future. Archaeological gardens are maintained at few protected sites. Cultural Atlas of Odisha and Cultural Map of Odisha have been published.

The Department is headed by a Superintendent in Junior Class-I rank. There are 3 posts of Curator. Registering Officers have been merged in the State Archaeology organization. Out of 2 posts R.O-Cum-Curator. The technical staff in the organization consists of 1. Archaeological Asst. Engineer, 1. Asst. Curator, 1. Junior Landscaping Architect, 1. Chemical Asst., 1. Photographer, 1. Draughtsman alongwith one post of Conservation Asst and other class III & IV ( list enclosed).